What is a Good Book Club? - It is a place where people can find some “good books” for a great price. We will set up our Good Book Club table on a regular basis (at least once per month after Sunday Masses). We will also bring the table to other parish events. Each month we will feature a “Book of the Month” at a great price. Often we can get special prices if we purchase a full case of one title. We will also have other titles available to pick from and purchase (at fair prices). We hope to also have bibles and catechisms available to purchase at cost. At some time in the future we may be able to have parish discussion groups about some of the books that will be featured.

We have many new titles and several great old ones. The cost for our books is only $5. Books are available in the church vestibule before and after every Mass. They are also available in the parish office in the rectory during business hours. Some of the titles which we have in stock are: Rediscover Jesus (by Matthew Kelly), Understanding the Mass (by Mike Aquilina), Thirsting for God (by Mother Teresa), St. Francis of Assisi – A Biography (by Omer Englebert), Finding True Happiness (by Fulton Sheen), and others.

It has been often said that the books you read give a great indicator of where you are going in life. Each of us could benefit from growing in the knowledge of our common Catholic Faith and Jesus Christ.

If Lent is a time of spiritual and personal growth, we may want to start a new habit of reading a "good" book. The Good Book Club has several good books about the Catholic faith: Matthew Kelly books, Dynamic Catholic and Rediscover Jesus ~ Thirsting for God, Daily Meditation of Mother Teresa ~ A Biography of St. Francis of Assisi ~ 1001 Reasons Why It’s Great to be Catholic! ~ Broken Mary, A Journey of Hope by Kevin Matthews ~ Pope Francis, A Living Legacy.

Please contact Larry Cubalchini in the parish office if you are interested in learning more about the Good Book Club, or would be willing to assist in this new ministry here at St. Tarcissus. You can call 773-763-8228 or email for additional information.

Feel free to call with questions or concerns!
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