From the Desk of the Pastor

Bulletin August 20, 2017

Dear Friends,

This bulletin article will be more about housekeeping items. Just to warn you, a Parking Enforcement Officer was ticketing illegally parked cars this last Sunday during the Masses. Historically the church here was given a pass on such enforcement so I’m not sure what changed but I just wanted to caution you in the future to be careful about parking.

I tried to approach the officer to introduce myself but they kept writing tickets and said, in a annoyed way, something like “I don’t think God exempts these people from having to follow the law.” I was struck at this at first but then thought… that’s right. On a connected point, a person who lives on Ardmore and parks there has told me that their car has been dinged or scratched multiple times on Sunday mornings, causing hundreds of dollars of damage, and no one left a note. I spent some time with that person who was a baptized Catholic but wasn’t really raised in the faith. That person said to me “You know people going to church on Sunday should be trying to do the Lord’s will, you’d think they’d at least leave a note if they hit someone.” Again, I was taken aback at first but then thought... that’s true.

In both cases people who weren’t going to Mass here knew enough to expect that Catholics going to Mass on Sunday should be good examples to others of how to follow the law and of how to be a good neighbor. I’m sorry for anyone who got ticketed but maybe these can be lessons for us about how we can practice more what we preach in a neighborhood that needs Christ’s light to shine brightly. Let’s let a positive sense of community begin with us. Of course, in many ways this is already happening.

Just this week a number of parishioners have taken it on their own to try and beautify the grounds of the parish. I will not name them, so as not to embarrass them, but one couple put in some lovely solar powered lights in the prayer garden. A kind woman planted some fresh flowers in one of the beds in front of the church. And a neighbor helped pull and cut weeds that had become an eyesore. Pastors come and go but this is your parish and it’s good to take pride in it; “Its stones are dear to your servants; its dust moves them to pity” (Ps. 114).

Of course, the outward beauty of St. Tarcissus can help to point to the One who waits for us within. Outward bricks and stone make up the physical structure of the parish but we are the living stones and we only become really alive by being close to Christ. I’d like to invite you to come to Eucharistic Adoration which we have available on Tuesdays in the church from 1-6 pm. The Eucharistic Lord is placed in the monstrance for us to worship and quietly pray before. Can you come and spend some time with Him?

Also, to stress the importance of the amazing gift we have in Jesus’ Real Presence in this sacrament we will be offering Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament every first Tuesday of the month at 6 pm. So after adoration on the first Tuesday of the month I or Deacon Greg will preside at the Benediction and then repose the Lord. The Second Vatican Council reminds us that the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. So come and spend some time with Christ the Lord. Let us ask Him to bless our families, community and the whole world with a grace of deeper conversion and joy!

God bless you,
Fr. Mike Grisolano

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