The Parish Choir and the Guitar Ensemble are seeking New Singers

The Parish Choir practices most Wednesday evenings, and the Guitar Ensemble practices most Tuesday evenings. Proficiency in reading music is expected. This is a good opportunity to serve your parish community, especially those who are inspired by the music program at mass.

Contact Paul Matijevic at or Brian Hirami at 773-710-4873 for more information.

The music program at St. Tarcissus Parish embraces the mission of service to one another and the larger community in the name of Jesus Christ. Commissioned to spread the Word, our musicians respond by making music for the “honor and glory of God.” Musicians serve in the most important gathering of the church, the liturgy, enabling the faithful to experience their faith through music.

For more information, contact Paul Matijevic, Director of Music and Liturgy at 773-763-8228 or via email at


The Parish Choir sings repertoire from the rich musical heritage of the Catholic Church, from Gregorian chant to 21st century compositions. In addition to learning liturgical repertoire, members of the Parish Choir receive training in vocal technique, reading music, and singing in parts. The Parish Choir rehearses weekly and sings at weekly Sunday liturgies, as well as feast days such as Christmas and during the Triduum.

Awakening Asaph is a contemporary ensemble which generally sings the 5:00 pm Mass on the weekends. This ensemble sings hymns as well as a variety of pieces using guitar and piano as primary accompaniment. In addition to weekly mass, the group will occasionally help with music for Holy Days.

The Resurrection Choir provides choral music for funerals at St. Tarcissus. Members of this group are informed when a funeral is planned and the ensemble is requested. If the singer is available, (s)he meets with the group thirty minutes prior to the funeral for a brief rehearsal.

Children’s Choirs

St. Tarcissus Parish offers two ensembles for young singers. The Children’s Choir is comprised of singers enrolled in St. Tarcissus School in grades three to eight; the Religious Education Choristers are singers enrolled in the Religious Education program.

The children’s choir program has a strong liturgical component: both ensembles sing at selected Sunday liturgies, as well as feast days and celebrations such as Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and First Holy Communion. Additionally, students will share their gifts in the spirit of Christian service through their participation in choir festivals and performances at St. Tarcissus and the surrounding community.

Students receive training in healthy, age-appropriate vocal technique and build their musicianship skills as they sing a diverse range of sacred and secular music. The Children’s Choir rehearses weekly after school in the church, and the Religious Education Choristers rehearse on Saturday prior to the mass they are singing.


Instruments such as flute, violin, viola, oboe, clarinet, harp, and percussion are used as supplemental instrumentation for ensembles. Rehearsals and Mass times/dates depend on the particular group or need. Instrumentalists must have music reading skills and the ability to play in tune and tempo with a group or a soloist.


Cantors provide musical leadership at Saturday and Sunday liturgies, as well as Holy Days and other liturgical celebrations. Cantors must have music reading skills and the ability to sing in tune and tempo with accompaniment. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed with the music director.

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