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Dear Friends, This past week, thousands of people and leaders from all over the world, gathered to remember and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. Watching the news coverage and observing his life, both trials and triumphs over the years, it occurs to me that there are many ways in which his vision for the people of ¬†South Africa and the world reflects that of Pope Francis and the message   Read More ...

Current Events Reflections

Christmas-time has arrived. The weather outside is crisp and cool; holiday tunes fill the airwaves; and festive decorations clamor for our attention.¬†Accompanying these traditional ornamentation’s and their respective customs are another, which have become far more emblematic and widespread than “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, and these are the innumerable trade magazines advertising their “finest” wares; television personalities with well-manicured features and industrial-strength teeth-whitened smiles advising us on what   Read More ...

Current Events Reflections