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Christ has risen alleluia! May you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter. Chrystus zmartwychwstał alleluja! Niech wszyscy mają wspaniałe i błogosławione Wielkanoc.

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“But may God, who grants pardon and loves to save man, in his goodness, give strength to us and make prosperous the Holy See.” ~Pope Alexander VI (Material for a History of Pope Alexander VI, Peter de Roo) The Origins   The Papacy is an institution that dates back two-thousand years into history. Throughout its lifetime, thus far, two-hundred sixty-six (266) men were invested with the title of Supreme Pontiff of the   Read More ...

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“Look at His adorable Face. Look at His glazed and sunken eyes. Look at His wounds. Look Jesus in the Face. There, you will see how much He loves us.” ~St. Thérèse of Lisieux (Describing the Holy Infant Jesus)

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Pope Benedict XV

Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista Della Chiesa (Pope Benedict XV)

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“I swear I will faithfully, loyally and honourably serve the Supreme Pontiff [Francis] and his legitimate successors, and also dedicate myself to them with all my strength, sacrificing if necessary also my life to defend them.” ~Papal Guard Commitment of Loyalty (Source:  We see them so often; whether it’s  in still images, films (fictional or non), graphic-novels or other illustrative formats, and referenced or alluded to in various written novels/stories; that they are practically   Read More ...

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